Saturday, 4 October 2014

That Autumn Feeling

Here are my top picks from my autumn charity shop finds.  This season's collection brought with it a focus on quality and comfort which is rare outside of the charity shop world.

Cashmere, Lambs Wool and Angora are all fabrics that you would struggle to find on the high street meaning I've had little experience with them.  However, now I've had a taste for what clothes should really feel like, there's no going back! Luckily, charity shops are full of good quality knitwear, you just need to start looking for it!

Red Jumper £5.99 British Heart Foundation
92% Wool

Tartan Jacket £10.99 Cancer Research UK Fort William
70% Wool, 3% Cashmere

White Cardigan £3.99 British Heart Foundation Harborne
50% Cotton, 25% Linen

Mustard Sweater £4.99 Marie Curie Finsbury Park
70% Lambswool, 20% Angora

Blue Gap Dress £4.99 St Luke's Hospice Sheffield
70% Cotton 

I would just like to thank my beautiful friend Shobs for her wonderful photography for this shoot.

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