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My next fashion finder is the beautiful Keira Duffy who regularly shops in charity shops and always manages to find the best bargains!  Here she is modelling a few pieces from her extraordinary wardrobe.

Top - £2.50 from The Romanian Charity Shop in North Finchley

Jacket - £6.00 from Cancer Research in Sydenham.

Looks like you don't just have to go to Central London for quality charity shop buys! 

That time has come again and I would like to introduce to you another Sweet Charity Fashion Finder.  Getting most of her clobber from charity shops around the country, Anna Rose has decided to share a collection of her greatest finds to give us all a little inspiration.

Anna Rose

'I found these Office shoes in a British Heart Foundation shop in Belfast.  Considering they were unworn, I thought £15 was an absolute steal!' 

'This is my favourite dress bought in a charity shop.  Made from real leather, it fits perfectly and would have cost a fortune if I had bought it first hand.  Luckily I found it for a measly £8 in an Oxfam shop in St. Neots.'

Finally I have put together a collection of items which all complement each other to form the perfect day/ evening summer outfit.  The skirt cost £8.00 from Oxfam Vintage in Belfast, the sunglasses were £1.50 from a British Heart Foundation shop and the shoes were £5.50 from a Barnado's shop, both in St Neots.

Well, I think there's one thing we can all learn from this.  We clearly need to head to St Neots to check out these charity shops ASAP!!

Welcome to my new page Fashion Finders! After sharing my charity shop finds with you each week I thought it was about time you got a chance to do the same.  If you've recently bought something and you just cant believe your luck then send me a pic at or @cnpowell and you can show it off to the fashion world!

My first fashion finder is 

Rosie Lewis

'I snapped this up today in a tiny little charity shop named 'Ecco' in Harlow today.  This detailed sequined hand made in India crop top only set me back £5!  Perfect for the festive season and with a pair of high waisted denim shorts.  Had a nose on ebay and similar tops are going for £40 and upwards. Bargain!'

Right, now who wants to go next!

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