Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What does one wear to the Opera?

So what does one wear to the Opera?  It's not a thought that crosses your mind daily but if you were faced with an upcoming visit, what would you reply?

I guess there is no right or wrong answer but one thing is guaranteed, you're going to be judged!  Broken into 3 parts with 2 lengthy intervals in between, the Opera is less about the show itself and more about showing off.  Leaving the fur coats to the aristocracy, I wanted something neat and tidy without looking like I was desperately trying to compete with the Manolos of this world.

Luckily, I managed to find a rather smart looking vintage silk shirt from my local charity shop that I decided to pair with some charity shop shoes and a plain skirt from Topshop.  With my total outfit costing an absolute pittance, I was free to stroll around, smug in the knowledge that most would be horrified if they knew just where my outfit had come from.

So remember, be proud of where you shop! Just because it didn't cost the earth, doesn't mean you can't look like it did!

Vintage 'Planet' silk shirt - £3.00 from Isabel Hospice's Cuffley Shop
Leather patent shoes - £10.00 from Oxfam's Cardiff Shop