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I would like to introduce you to my blog, Sweet Charity.  As someone usually found in a charity shop, either side of the counter, I would like to share the wonderful world of charity retail with the somewhat discouraging world around me.  Although in the process of a drastic image change, charity shops are still viewed by many as mangy dumping grounds in which the only thing you are guaranteed to leave with are fleas.  I on the other hand see them as palaces full of beautiful, original clobber at bargain prices (although this does involve sifting through a lot of other crap I must admit).

Whilst I am a strong advocate of shopping in these delightful stores, I am also a firm fan of working in them as well.  Having volunteered in St Mary's Hospice Charity Shop in Birmingham and more recently in Isabel Hospice Charity Shop in Cuffley, I can't put into words how fun it is ripping open huge sacks of donations, not knowing what gems you might find along the way.  It's like Christmas every time you work, plus you have the added benefit of helping a good cause which might give your karma that little boost its looking for.

I would also just like to thank Hannah Lodge for her wonderful photography which has featured in so many of my posts.  If you would like to see some more of her work then please click here

I would also like to thank Mr Robbie Scott for turning my terribly amateur blog into something slightly more sophisticated.  You can follow him on twitter here

Anyway, enjoy my blog and hopefully you will soon be a convert just like me!

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