Thursday, 28 November 2013

The beauty is in the unknown

Despite not writing on this for a jolly long time, I don't want you all to think the world of charity retail has dried up, that all the good stuff has gone, that anything of any worth is now being sold on eBay and what's left cant even be shifted in the bargain bins.  That simply isn't the case!

If anything, the growing imbalance between supply and demand is making charity shops even more interesting as volunteers are no longer able to rely on the safe donations of a M&S jumper or a pair of corduroys, and are instead being forced to put out all sorts of donations onto the shop floor, on the off chance that they will catch the eye of some unsuspecting passer by.

Which is great news for us! - more variety of clothes, makes charity shops more unpredictable which is exactly my reason for going to them!  Whilst its nice to head over to Topshop, having already familiarised yourself with their whole winter collection on their website, there's nothing better than walking into a charity shop with no idea what you are going to come back out with.

And luckily for me my last charity shop venture didn't disappoint. A 100% wool black hat, a jaeger silk blouse and a (rather itchy I must admit) mint green jumper.  Did I need any of these things? No.  Have I worn any of these things. Yes. With pride. 

Now this isn't to say that you should all stop donating, quite the contrary. Charity shops are a two way thing. If you want the suprise of not knowing what you are going to end up with, bring something back and let others have just the same chance as you.

100% black wool hat - £5 Marie Curie charity shop, Potters Bar

Mint Green patterned jumper - £4 Cancer Research UK charity shop, Potters Bar

Jaeger silk blouse - £3.99 Oxfam charity shop, Potters Bar