Sunday, 23 November 2014

The light hearted side to charity shopping

After releasing a strong worded warning outlining my concerns about the resale of fur in charity shops, I now want to counter balance this by sharing with you what I consider to be the best aspect of charity shop fashion; the unpredictability of what you will buy next.

My latest purchase is a dress that I cant say I am wholly in love with. It is certainly not the type of outfit that I had been desperately searching around for and to be honest I haven't worn it once since I bought it. But I do know there will be a time and a place when it is just perfect!

However the thing I like most about it is I have not seen anything like it, well ever.  Nor am I likely to see anything of the sort cropping up on the high street anytime soon.  And for that reason alone, I am still very happy I bought it.

Cotton dress, £12, Oxfam Covent Garden